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HTC Desired, and finally acquired.

On Friday evening, I finally got around to buying a new phone, or at least to trying. I went for food and a few beers with two friends from the IBZ and we popped into the T-Mobile store on the way. The woman who served us didn’t speak English but she did a good job of understanding my German and the one of my mates who speaks German helped out on the complicated bits. I signed all the documents and she told us I had to come back in half an hour after it’d been unlocked and registered.

Unfortunately, when we returned the shop was closed. OK, fair enough, but this meant I had to wait the whole weekend. I turned up on Monday morning, but it doesn’t open until 10:00, so I back I went again on Monday evening. I turned up, explained that I needed to pick up a phone I’d payed for on Friday. She said I had to pay another 250 € security and come back in half an hour. I explained that I’d already done all of this and was quite annoyed, but she said that no, I have to wait again. So I signed all the same papers again and came back later.

When got back there, I tried to ask them whether, with the 250 € paid now, the whole contact will still cost the same by the end. They didn’t understand at all and the two of them now just kept telling me I had to pay 250 € for security. I tried the question several ways but still they didn’t seem to get it. I was pretty sure at the time that my German was at least OK and that they were just being useless. Today, I repeated what I had said in the shop to a friend a work, without saying what I meant in English. She understood immediately and even said the German wasn’t too far off correct.

Conclusion: they’re idiots, rather than just not understanding my German :p . They did give me a phone though, so off home I went relatively happy. And Here it is, next to my old phone, my iPAQ and my laptop, to give a nice range of recent age, portability and power:

My family of mostly pointless gadget.

My family of mostly pointless gadget.

When I originally unpacked it, I realised they’ve given me the wrong one. With some anger driving me I raced to the shop on my bike for a 4th time, in an attempt to get there before they closed. They had already locked the doors but the woman was still inside, so I knocked and explained to her that they had given me the wrong phone. With a lot of whining and moaning she said I would have to come back the next day. I said no. This wasn’t what I paid for, and I’m not coming back for a fifth time. She said that she’d already switched the computers off. At this point, speaking the language would be useful as I’ve have told her quite a lot more. Now, if she had said he had to for example, pick her children up from school, or something like that, then fine, I’d have left it. No, she was basically saying that she wanted to go home and couldn’t be bothered to sort the mistake they’d made right now. So I had to instead admit defeat and go home, promising that I would return the next evening.

As it happens, I’ve decided to keep the Desire HD as it is a little cheaper (they charged me the correct amount for it) and is still quite cool. Also, this way, every day for a few weeks, the woman will be awaiting and dreading my return. Mwa ha ha.

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  1. hrf
    April 19, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Complaining in German, ha, terroising the locals and realising that people who work in phone shops are idiots whatever country they’re in.

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