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Unexpected experimentalism.

Reconstructed rack full of stuff.

Reconstructed rack full of stuff.

As on most days, I was carefully considering yesterday morning which particular part of the computer software or maths I’d be spending the day working on. This plan was quickly scuppered when another Oliver (Olli, in this case) turned up. He has been working in the Netherlands with a system similar to the one I’m going to be building. The system belongs to IPP (where I work) and now that he is finished and is leaving, it had been shipped back here and I have now kind-of inherited it. Unfortunately, he was only here for the day to give a talk, so the morning was instead spent very rapidly putting it all back together. Considering my optics hardware experience is quite limited, it was a bit of a learning curve but fortunately, the only major problem was that the virus scanner on the PC decided it would be helpful to delete a central part of the software that controls the equipment.

Camera and assorted optical stuff.

Camera and assorted optical stuff.

Software problems are easier for me, so today I spent a couple of hours with it and managed to solve that one, get the PC networked, tidy up all the cabling, fix the trolley wheels and align and play with camera a little. Next week some time, I’ll try to get the some of the other bits working.
I won’t try to explain what any of this is or does yet but might do a little later on. In the meantime, you can look at some of the photos I took for documentation purposes.




Seethrough hand device.

Seethrough hand device.

Also yesterday, back in Devon in the UK, my mother was moving house so in the middle of this hasty building and rapid discussions with my namesake, I had a call from her estate agents asking if I was at our cottage. The answer ‘not quite. I’m in Germany’, surprised them a bit.

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