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Trig, Tea, Talk and the Town.

Maths and tea

Maths and tea

With most of the admin done, I’m starting to get to grips with the theory of the system I’m eventually going to be designing and building. So far this has just involved a lot trigonometry but at least my life has now returned to some kind of normality and once again consists of a lot of maths and a lot of tea.

I was also invited along to a cafe in Greifswald on Thursday night with a lot of the students (and possibly just younger people) at IPP. There were about twenty of us in the end and apparently they don’t manage to congregate on this scale very often. A lot of us were the internationals from the IBZ building where I live, but there were a few from Spain, a girl from Chille, an American, a few from others places and of course a few of the natives.

Cafe Humboldt

Cafe Humboldt

Everyone was chatting in, and about, a few different languages and towards the end I was talking to a some people seriously into LARP. As much as I’d rather spend my free time flying, it does sounds like they have a lot of fun. ¬†Also, the food was good, which is reassuring since I was beginning to worry about the food here. The canteen at work leaves a lot to be desired. It makes the Culham canteen in Oxford look like an up-market restaurant.

Today (Saturday), I’ve had a wander around the town center. There are plenty of different shops, a few of which are the same as the shops in England. I bought a nice little coffee maker so can take ‘achieve decent coffee’ off my list of milestones.

Greifswald town centre.

Greifswald town centre.

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